thingsSDK CLI

thingsSDK CLI is a tool to help professional JavaScript developers build Internet of Things (IoT) projects in a familiar way.

Projects created by thingsSDK CLI are set up to use the Espruino JavaScript runtime on the IoT device. thingsSDK CLI currently supports ESP8266 development boards.


$ npm install thingssdk-cli -g


Creating a project:

$ thingssdk new <project_name>

Changing in to the project directory, and install the libraries:

$ npm install

You'll have access to the following scripts dev, deploy and repl.

To push your project to device in development use the dev command:

$ npm run dev

In development the code isn't saved to the device. It allows you to debug and test your code before commiting to it. Once you're happy with your code you can use the deploy command:

$ npm run deploy

Deploying means you code is saved and will be available when the device reboots.

Run a REPL on the connected device with repl:

$ npm run repl


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